FirstPAGE Server Features

FirstPAGE Server is a wireless messaging system that allows you to better communicate on a variety of different levels. It handles a large volume of users, both for input of messages, as well as message dispatching.

Main features of FirstPAGE Server include:

Simple, efficient installation wizards make for easy installation

Supports personal messaging groups (i.e. distribution lists)

User friendly maintenance of Devices, Providers, Destinations, Distribution Lists, Groups, Modems, etc.

Unlimited messaging groups and destinations

Detailed transaction logging and viewing of these logs.

Allows the administrator to import modem manufacturer modem definition files

Compatible with in-house paging systems

Supports serial modems, direct connections, TCP/IP sockets and terminal servers

Dispatches 60+ pages/minutes via modem

Dispatches 10000+ pages/minute via direct connection

Online reconfiguration of any engine setting or device/provider configuration.

Concurrent device/modem support allows for extreme message throughput (i.e. 1,000,000 + pages per 8 hour day).

Supported Protocols:


Ford Motor Company ANS Protocol

Proprietary protocol


European PBX (Proprietary protocol)


Open Database Connectivity

Support for any ODBC compliant database


Simple Mail Transport Protocol

For e-mail input to messaging service providers


Simple Network Paging Protocol

For Internet input into messaging service providers


 Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol, including IXO and PET

For most North American messaging service providers


Universal Computer Protocol

Primarily for European GSM/SMS handsets

More information

  About FirstPAGE Server.