Configuring Fault Points for IC660BBD020 Blocks

For the 24/48 VDC 16 Circuit Sink I/O Block - Phase B (IC660BBD020), configure points %GD0 through %GD16, where %GD0 is the Block-Level diagnostic point, and %GD1 through %GD16 are the Circuit-Level diagnostic points.

 Note: If you do not configure %GD0, no fault data is collected. If you do configure %GD0, but do not configure points between %GD1 and %GD16, messages for the missing points are generated in the Status Log at startup and whenever a fault occurs.

All diagnostic points are Analog device points with a Point Type of USINT. The Update Criteria is On Change for the Block-Level diagnostic point, and Unsolicited for the Circuit diagnostic points.

Prior to receiving fault data from the block, you must enable outputs to it.

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