Configuring Global Data Points on Programmable Controllers

To read Global Data that is broadcast from a programmable controller, use the memory type %GL. The address is in bytes and ranges from 0 to 127. For example, if you have configured a Series 90-70, Series 90-30, PACSystems RX7i or PACSystems RX3i programmable controller to broadcast 64 registers of global data starting at register 100, then to read the data that is in register 100, configure an analog point with the address %GL0. Because each register uses two bytes of data, data from register 101 is at address %GL2, and data from register 110 is at address %GL20.


Configuring global data from digital blocks.

Configuring global data from analog blocks.

Note: Global data can only be read from programmable controller memory. You cannot use global memory to write to programmable controller memory.

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