Enabling Directed Outputs to Analog Blocks

Before you can set directed outputs (%DO) on an Analog Block or receive unsolicited fault reports, you must enable outputs to that block. To enable outputs to a block, configure a digital point on that block with the address %EO1. When the CIMPLICITY project starts, the point at %EO1 will be set to FALSE (0) and outputs to the block are disabled. When you set %EO1 to TRUE (1), outputs are enabled to the block and can be used to control the block's outputs.

You can use any of the following CIMPLICITY functions to set %EO1:

A Setpoint action on a CimView screen.

A script that performs a setpoint in the Basic Control Engine.

A Point Management API procedure that performs a setpoint.

Once the %EO1 point is set to TRUE, directed outputs may be set.

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