Monitoring Broadcast Data from Generic Devices

To monitor data broadcast from devices not otherwise configurable from a CIMPLICITY project, configure a device on the PCIM port with:

Model type of GENERIC GLOBAL

CPU ID corresponding to the Serial Bus Address (SBA) of the device.

To access the broadcast data, use the %GL memory type with an offset between 0 and the broadcast length of the device. Broadcast data is byte addressable. %GL0 is used to reference the first byte of the data, %GL1 the second byte, etc.

Broadcast data from devices other than your own PCIM port may not be modified via CIMPLICITY software.

Broadcast data for a device is assumed to have a static length. If the broadcast data length changes, you need to disable and re-enable the device so that the change will be properly processed by the Genius Communications enabler.

More information

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