PCIM Port Configuration

PCIM cards can be setup to broadcast up to 128 bytes of global data. The CIMPLICITY Genius communications interface now supports the ability to configure PCIM cards used for communication in CIMPLICITY so that they can broadcast data. For any PCIM card to broadcast global data, it is necessary to go to the port selection of the project and reconfigure the Port of interest.

The Reference address is used by some Genius devices to specify the logical address that may correspond to where the device's I/O data is stored in host memory.

For many devices such as the Series 90, this information is not used.

For other devices, such as a Series Five or Series Six, you will need to enter a value.

See the Bus Controller (or Device) User's Manual for each device on your Genius network to determine what the configuration requirements are. You may only configure one reference address for each port of a PCIM card and this must be compatible with all devices on the Genius network. The value entered must fit within 16 bits. The high bit is always ON, regardless of the value entered for the reference address.

The Broadcast length specifies the number of bytes a port on a PCIM card will broadcast. A value of zero, the default value, specifies NO BROADCAST data. A value between 1 and 128 defines the number of bytes of data to be broadcast as well as the size of the directed control input table on the port of the PCIM card.

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