Basic Script Engine

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To enable multi-thread script COM calls.


Script COM calls prior to Proficy CIMPLICITY 7.0 occurred in a single-thread as follows.

COM calls were marshaled over to a single script thread to be executed.

The script thread would wait for the COM thread to complete a call.

If a thread was already making a COM call, then the next thread had to wait for it to finish before it could make a COM call. Each thread would have to wait for completion of the prior COM call.

 Beginning with Proficy CIMPLICITY 7.0:

Each COM call can occur in its execution thread instead of being marshaled over to a single thread.

BASIC_MULTITHREAD_COM provides the ability to choose between using the single-thread or multi-thread COM calls in the Basic Script Engine.

The initialization routine for the Basic Script Engine includes a flag that controls the threading behavior of the script engine.

If BASIC_MULTITHREAD_COM is enabled, the flag will call COM objects in the thread of execution instead of being marshaled over to a single thread.

Note: Some limited releases before Proficy CIMPLICITY 7.0 may also include this feature.


Choose either of the following.



Initializes multi-thread COM calls.



Initializes single-thread COM calls.

Default Value


Note: The default has been set to N in order to insure backward compatibility with scripts created in previous CIMPLICITY versions.

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