Database Logger



To modify the name of the unique timestamp field which specifies the date and time of each logged transaction in the following Database Logger tables.

Alarm Management tables (ALARM_LOG and EVENT_LOG)

Event manager table (EM_LOG).

Point management tables (both data and group log tables)

SPC tables

HDA tables

Tracker tables


An up to 80 character name. The name may include or be entirely composed of uppercase characters, e.g. DATETIME, which is needed for certain database client applications that have problems accessing lowercase field names from an Oracle DBMS.

Note: When you use the DB_TIMESTAMP_FIELD global parameter, make sure that you drop all affected tables before running the project. Otherwise, the database logger will not be able to recreate them with the new timestamp field name specified by the DB_TIMESTAMP_FIELD global parameter.

Default Value

timestamp (as a lower case string).


More information

Global parameters.