Device Alarms



To set the Device ID as the reference for the alarm

A $DEVICE_DOWN alarm occurs when a device stops talking to a PLC.

There are three components that make up a unique alarm

  1. The Alarm ID which in this case is $DEVICE_DOWN;

  2. The Resource ID, which in this case it takes it from the device's resource and

  3. A Reference ID.

As a result, each device will have a unique alarm, regardless of its resource. The Alarm ID is static for all $DEVICE DOWN alarms; the resource changes based on the device; now the Reference ID is the Device ID.



Note: Y puts the Device ID as the alarm reference.

Default Value

The Reference ID is the same for every device down alarm. So if there are two devices using the same resource, their alarms get stacked into one set of alarms as opposed to appearing independently.


More information

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