Locate a Global Parameter File

You can locate the glb_parms.idt file through an MS DOS window.

  1. Click Tools on the Workbench menu bar.

  2. Select Command Prompt.

An MS DOS window opens.

  1. Enter the following commands in the Command Prompt window:

cd <dir>


<dir> is the directory where you need to make the changes.

For global parameters that apply to the:

System (all projects), enter cd %BSM_ROOT%data

Current project, enter
cd %SITE_ROOT%master

idtpop glb_parms

notepad glb_parms.idt

A Windows Notepad opens displaying a record of the global parameters in the all projects or specified project directory. The list of global parameters in this file corresponds to the list that displays in the Workbench.

  1. Find the parameter you want to check.

You can edit the value in this file if you need to.

  1. Save the file if you have modified it.

  2. Exit Notepad.

  3. Type scpop glb_parms at the DOS prompt. A new binary version of the Global Parameters file will be produced and put in the master directory.

  4. ype exit to exit the Command Prompt window.

When you are ready to implement the change in the run-time system, you will have to stop the project(s), perform a Configuration Update, and restart the project(s).

Note: The Global Parameters file that is used on a Viewer is located in the CIMPLICITY installation directory in a subdirectory called data (e.g., c:\cimplicity\hmi\data

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