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To enforce password rules that are defined in a script that is created for the selected project.


The script called by password validation can contain any rules that are considered necessary for project security, e.g.  passwords must contain letters and integers.

Password validation:

Calls a specific entry point in the script.

The entry point is as follows.

Function GEF_ValidatePassword(Project as String, UserName As String, NewPassword As String, OutputErrorMessage As String) As Boolean

  ' Validation code goes here.

End Function

Will load the script, find the above entry point and call it passing the described parameters.

The password validation function can return the following.






Password is accepted.



Not accepted.

If an Output Error message has been defined it will display to indicate what is not correct.


Note: (For testing from CimBasic.exe) CimBasic.exe runs the script from the main entry point. Therefore, if you want to test your password validation you must call it from the main entry point.


String that names the script to be run.

The script can be either a CimBasic .bcl or .bclrt script.

The entry format depends on the script file location as follows.


Script File Location

Entry Format


Project SITE_ROOT\Scripts folder

Script filename without the extension and without a path.

Note: CIMPLICITY looks for the script file in the following order.

  1.  .bcl

  2.  .bclrt

Default Value

Password validation is not called.






More information

Global parameters.