Ethernet Global Data Configuration File

The file used to configure Ethernet Global Data is called EGD.INI and resides in the Windows directory. This file is modified by CIMPLICITY software. You should not edit this file by hand. This information is provided so that you can interpret the information in the file.

The format of the file is:


#Page  Length  Period  Producer  Consumer  Flags

9      20      1000    DEV1      ALNT37    E=9


Page is the Exchange number.

Length is the number of bytes of data in the Exchange. This is calculated from the Exchange offset for the point and the point size.

Period is the time in milliseconds (ms) at which the Exchange must be polled. This is based on the poll rate for the fastest point in the Exchange.

Producer is the name of the Series 90 device that supplies the Exchange data.

Consumer is the name of this computer.

Flags contains the flags for the Exchange. Currently supported values are:

E=<exchange number>

 Important: If the provider is using multicast addresses then the multicast address needs to be pre-pended to the address "". This means that an EGD provider is multicasting to address on exchange 2 and the data begins at offset 1.