Series 90 Ethernet Global Data

Ethernet Global Data (EGD) lets a Series 90 PLC repeatedly send a portion of its memory onto the network to multiple targets. This predefined set of information is called an Exchange. With Ethernet Global Data, you can collect data efficiently at a fixed rate from disparate domains on one or more Series 90 PLCs.

A device that uses Ethernet Global Data can be a producer (sender of data) or a consumer (receiver of data). For Series 90 TCP/IP Communications, Series 90 PLCs are producers of data and the CIMPLICITY computer is a consumer of data.

Significant features of EGD include:

A single request for data from a CIMPLICITY Server causes data packets to be sent repetitively from the PLC.

The set of data variables to be sent periodically can be pre-defined in the PLC so that the PLC starts sending the data as soon as it is initialized.

Data can be sent to the specific CIMPLICITY Server that requested it, or it can be sent simultaneously to a group of CIMPLICITY Servers.

Ethernet Global Data is identified by the name or IP address of the producer and an Exchange number. CIMPLICITY uses the device name and the Exchange number from the point address to request the Exchange.