Step 1.2. Resize the Historical Alarm Viewer Control

Quick resize procedures

Precise resize procedure

Quick Resize Procedures

Grab one of the object's handles and move it to enlarge or reduce the HAV Control.

Precise Resize Procedure

  1. Select the Historic Alarm Viewer control.

  2. Do one of the following.

Right-click the Historical Alarm Viewer Control; select Properties on the Popup menu.

Click the Properties in the Home>Properties group on the CimEdit menu bar.

The Properties - Object dialog box opens.

  1. Select Geometry.

  2. Enter the following:


Enter the


Number of points starting from the bottom of the screen where the HAV Control top is located.


Width of the object in points.


Number of points starting from the left of the screen where the left side of the HAV Control is located.


Height of the object in points.

Result: The Historical Alarm Viewer Control enlarges/ reduces and moves to the size you specify.

Note: Hold the right-button down and drag the object to where you want it positioned on the CimEdit/CimView screen.

More information

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