Step 5.1. Make General Specifications

General specifications on the Historical Alarm Viewer Properties dialog box SQL tab apply to all connection selections.


Record Limit

Maximum number of records in the Record Limit field.

If the log contains more records than the maximum number of records, the HAV deals with the first records up to the limit.

The filter and the sort specified through the SQL tab influence the records that are initially used.





Enable Most Recent

Do one of the following.

Clear Enable Most Recent

The Time Amount and Time Units fields are disabled.

The logged data that displays starts when the Historical Alarm Viewer Control is opened.

Check Enable Most Recent

The Time Amount and Time Units fields are enabled.

Enter the time span for the Historical Alarm Viewer display as follows.

Time Amount

Number of selected units, e.g. 5 (seconds).

Time Units







Copy/paste text in the status box

 Note: You can copy the data in the Status box.

Do one of the following to select the text.

Click the right-mouse button over the text; select Select all on the Popup menu.

Click the right-mouse button over selected text; select Copy on the Popup menu.

Result: You can paste the selection the same way you paste a text selection in the Windows environment.

More information

Step 5. Configure the SQL display.