Step 7.3. Select Conditions for Row Styles

Row style condition configuration.

Guidelines for row styles.

Row style condition example.

Row Style Condition Configuration

You can highlight selected conditions in the Historical Alarm Viewer by assigning them colors, as follows.

  1. Select Conditions under a Row Style.

An Add Condition button displays.

  1. Click Add Condition.

A Select Fields browser opens.

  1. Select a condition.

  1. Click OK.

The condition displays in the Row Style tree.

  1. Do the following.


Select the condition.

An Enter Value field displays on the Row Styles tab.


Enter a value in the Enter Value field

  1. Repeat this procedure for Row Style 2 if you want to display a second customized row style.

Result: During runtime rows that meet the specified conditions displays the row style for that condition.

Guidelines for row styles

Available conditions depend on your CIMPLICITY Project to connect to and Table to View selections on the Historical Alarm Viewer Properties' Connection tab.

You can add more than one condition to a row style. The list of conditions will be included in an AND clause. Runtime values will have to meet all criteria to display the row style.

When you select a condition, a Remove Condition button displays; click Remove Condition to remove the selected condition from the list.

If a value meets all the conditions for more than one row style, the last row style with conditions that are met is applied to the row.

Row Style Condition Example

Row Style 1 and Row Style 2 each have 1 condition






Row Style 1





Row Style 2





The alarm HEAT101 meets the condition for both row styles.

The row for HEAT101 displays the Row Style 2 style.

More information

Technical reference: Historical Alarm Viewer.

Step 7. Configure row styles.