Honeywell ABC Diagnostics

The Honeywell ABC Diagnostics program, hwabc_diag.exe, may be used to verify hardware installation and communication operation.

To run the N2 diagnostics, execute the following command:

hwabc_diag.exe <port> <network drop #> <Baud > <Parity>


<port> is the name of the port connected to the connection cable.

<network drop #> is the network nodal address of DCM which can be from 0 to 31. The default value is 0.

<Baud Rate> has a default value of 9600.

<Parity> is none by default.

For example, if your connection cable is attached to COM2, network drop number is 2 for the DCM, baud rate is 9600 and parity is none, execute the following command:

hwabc_diag.exe COM2 2

The Honeywell ABC Diagnostics program will open the port and read values of a few points:

Comm parameters: drop 2, baud = 9600, parity = no

More information

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