Honeywell IPC 620 Device Point Properties

On the Device tab in the Point Properties dialog box:

Update Criteria

The update criteria field determines how the data will be requested.


Select On Change or On Scan for points whose values should be polled by the Honeywell driver at regular intervals.


A Honeywell device point address consists of a one or two character alphabetic field followed by an n-digit decimal-numeric field. The numeric field reflects the offset within an addressing domain, of the particular point. The alphabetic fields map to domains according to the following table:


Enter the point address as follows:




Type of Memory



Numeric Range




0 – system-specific (up to 4095)

4096 – system-specific (17 bit models)


Register *


4096 – system-specific


Extended Register *


4096 – system-specific


System Status Register


2048 – 4095

 Note: Points may be configured to use any CIMPLICITY point type, however, it is advisable to maintain consistency between the CIMPLICITY point type and the data representations supported by the underlying programmable controller. For example, only 620-12 and 620-16 processors support floating point numbers. When using other processor types, it is recommended that you do not configure REAL CIMPLICITY point type.

 Warning: Extreme care should be taken when referencing Intelligent Module I/O. Honeywell indicates that references to invalid Intelligent Module I/O may cause inter-operability issues with programmable control operation.

More information

Honeywell IPC 620 Point Configuration.