About CIMPLICITY Integration with Historian

Historian enables you to archive data for historical retrieval.

CIMPLICITY provides a straightforward OPC interface that enables you to easily connect to Historian to archive CIMPLICITY point data.


Historian provides detailed documentation to configure and use Historian. This documentation describes CIMPLICITY integration with Historian.

Historian 3.1x and lower are not supported on Vista or Windows Server 2008.

Step 1

Select Alarm and Event Archiver during Historian installation

Step 2

Enable the Historian OPC Interface.

Step 3

Select points to be logged to Historian

Step 4

Open the Historian Administrator System Statistics window.

Step 5

Review CIMPLICITY point (tag) details in Historian.

Step 6

Display CIMPLICITY alarm data in Historian

More information

Technical reference for Historian integration.