CIMPLICITY Data Files' Location in Historian

Historian activity logs.

Historian archives.

Historian activity logs

The Historian logs activity for the ComputerName_OPC_ connection in the Historian>LogFiles.


OpcAECollector_<server name>_OPCAE_CIMPLICITY_HMI_AESvr_<n>.shw


OPCCollector_<server name>_OPC_CIMPLICITY_HMI_OPCServer-<n>.shw

Historian archives

  1. Open Microsoft Explorer.

  2. Select C:\Program Files\GE Fanuc\Proficy Historian\Archives.

Note: This is the default path for Historian archives. The path to Proficy Historian in your system may be different.

Result: When CIMPLICITY points are selected for data collection, Historian stores the data in Historian>Archives.

Note: Consult your Historian documentation for details about reviewing the data.

More information

Technical reference for Historian integration.