CIMPLICITY Server, Development Viewer and Runtime Viewer Defined

Proficy HMI/SCADA CIMPLICITY provides the following three options. The server or viewer's license determines which option it will use.

Options are:



Receives data from the PLC.



Stores data



Provides CIMPLICITY configuration tools.



Performs calculations.



Displays data through Viewers



Displays data


Development Viewer

Enables configuration on the server from a separate computer



Displays data from the server.


Runtime Viewer

Displays data from the server.

You have to install at least one CIMPLICITY server. The total number of servers and viewers you can install depends on your licensing agreement.

Tip: CIMPLICITY also provides numerous options for remotely interacting with your CIMPLICITY projects.

Contact your sales representative with questions about purchase options.

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