General Device Properties

Use the General tab in the Device dialog box to enter general information for the device.

You can define the following:


Select the port for this device.

Click buttons to the Port field to select the port as follows.



Display the list of ports and select one.


Popup Menu

Create a new port, edit the current port, or select a port from the list of ports.


Enter an optional description to help you identify the device.


Enter a resource that can be associated with this device for alarm generation.

Click buttons to the right of the Resource field to select the resource, as follows.



Display the list of resources and select one.


Popup Menu

Create a new resource, edit the current resource, or select a resource from the list of resources.

Model Type

Select the type of device. Click the drop-down button to the right of the input field to display your choices, and make a selection. For this protocol, the choices are:


AHU Companion

JCI_N2|AHU Companion|1139


AHU Facilitator

JCI_N2|AHU Facilitator|1219


DC9100R1 Controller

JCI_N2|DC9100R1 Controller|1026


DC9100R2 Controller

JCI_N2|DC9100R2 Controller|1042


DX9100R1 Companion

JCI_N2|DX9100R1 Companion|1029


DX9100R1 Facilitator

JCI_N2|DX9100R1 Facilitator|1141


DX9100R2 Companion

JCI_N2|DX9100R2 Companion|1045


DX9100R2 Facilitator

JCI_N2|DX9100R2 Facilitator|1157


N2 Base Model

JCI_N2|N2_Base Model|1024


N2 VND Vendor

JCI_N2|N2 VND Vendor|1040


Unitary Companion

JCI_N2|Unitary Companion|1137 (Previously named JCI_UNT)


Unitary Facilitator

JCI_N2|Unitary Facilitator|1217


VAV Companion

JCI_N2|VAV Companion|1138


VAV Facilitator

JCI_N2|VAV Facilitator|1218

More information

Johnson Controls device configuration.