Hold Control

After BO[8] and AO[8], each group of 8 outputs is controlled by a single hold control byte. The HOLD attribute of several different records map to the same byte and control of individual outputs is accomplished via bit offsets.

The bit offset is one less than the remainder from dividing the record number by 8. For example, the hold control bit for BO[21] is at bit offset 4 and the hold control bit for AO[9] is at bit offset 0.

For example, to monitor and control the hold status of BO[23]:

Configure a point with address BO[23].HOLD, bit offset 6.

After CIMPLICITY software sets a value in BO[23], BO[23].HOLD has a value of 1.

To release control of BO[23] back to the DX9100 programming, set BO[23].HOLD to 0.

More information

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