N2 Telnet or TCP Connection Port

If you check the Telnet or TCP connection method, define the following.

Socket Options



Keepalives will be used to detect the loss of the terminal server.




Keepalives will not be used.


TCP Nodelay


Nodelay flag is set on the socket.




Nodelay flag is not set.

IP Address

IP address of the terminal server.

TCP Port

Port number of the TCP port on the terminal server.

Linger Time

Seconds to wait after closing the socket before aborting the socket.

Telnet Connect Wait

Seconds to wait for the Telnet protocol to initialize.

Connect Timeout

Seconds to wait for the TCP connection to form.

Reconnect Delay

Seconds to wait before attempting to reconnect to a device.

Note: If you set this value to zero and the terminal server is not available, then no attempts will be made to reconnect to the terminal server.

More information

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