Installed License Issues

Hardware key removal.

License upgrades.

License expiration.

Hardware key removal

When the hardware key is removed from a Server:

An Alert Message will display on the first Server, informing you that the hardware key has been removed; please plug it in.

When you click OK to close the message, it will display again in one minute.

The message will continue until the key is re-attached to the Server.

If a project is running, it will continue running. However, if it is restarted before the key is re-attached, it will revert to demonstration mode.

License upgrades

If you buy additional options after you receive your hardware key(s) you will receive an email with an update .plic license file.

Important: Before upgrading your license, shut down all of the Proficy applications on the computer you are working on. When you upgrade your licensing, the Proficy Licensing Service is automatically stopped and then restarted when the upgrade successfully completes.

  1. Save the .plic file to a directory of your choice.

  2. Double-click the file.

An update utility opens.

  1. Click Update Now.

Result: The utility validates your current license. If the validation is successful, the utility updates the license; if the validation is not successful, the upgrade is halted.

Note: Contact your sales representative for information about obtaining the license file.

License expiration

When you purchase a product, it is licensed without an expiration date.

If a demonstration license is provided to you for you to try the software, it will be provided with an expiration date that will allow the software to run up until that date. You will receive notices on your screen alerting you to when the  licenses will expire.

More information

About Proficy common licensing.