Update Licensed Options without Rebooting

When an option, e.g. Order Execution Management, is added to your system's CIMPLICITY license you can use a Show License utility to have CIMPLICITY recognize that the option(s) is licensed without rebooting the computer.

  1. Make sure the hard key is inserted in the computer on which the utility will be run.

  2. Click Start on the Windows task bar.

  3. Select Run on the Start menu.

  4. Enter ShowLicense in the Run dialog box.

A Show License utility opens.

  1. Do the following.


Check Direct.

Note: This directs the report to what is on the new key.


Click Refresh.

Note: This will update the screen with the updated licensing when the licensing service reads the key. The key is read every 30 seconds.


Click Update cache.


Click OK.

Result: CIMPLICITY now recognizes the new option(s) as being licensed

More information

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