Example Login Box Installation

You can easily install an example login box that is located on your CIMPLICITY CD-ROM.

The two steps for installation are:

Step 1. Install the example login box from your CIMPLICITY CD-ROM:

  1. Begin the CIMPLICITY server installation from your CIMPLICITY CD-ROM.

  2. Select Application Option.

  3. Check the Device Communications Toolkit (abbreviated as Devcom Toolkit) as one of the components to install.

This will install an oilogin.zip file in your CIMPLICITY\HMI\API\OILOGIN directory.

Oilogin.zip is a compressed zip file contains an example Visual Basic 5.0 project and the resultant binary. You may modify the Visual Basic Project or use the contained binary. The project implements three differently styled login pads that are suitable for use on touch screens.

Step 2: Unzip the OILOGIN.ZIP file:

Use PKUNZIP or an equivalent application to uncompress the example files.

More information

Code a Login box.