Step 3. Set a CIMPLICITY Global Parameter on the Server

(This step defines the name of the Control to use instead of the default CIMPLICITY login box.)

  1. Open the project in the CIMPLCITY Workbench.

  2. Select Tools.

  3. Select Command Prompt.

  4. At the command prompt:

Type Cd master.

Press Enter.

Type Idtpop glb_parms.

A message similar to the following "loading rec definitions…" appears.

  1. Press Enter.

  2. Type Notepad glb_parms.idt

Windows Notepad appears displaying the glb_parms.idt file.

  1. Use Notepad to add the following new entry to the file.


  1. Exit Notepad.

The DOS window appears with the cursor at the MASTER prompt.

  1. Type scpop glb_parms.

  2. Press Enter.

A message similar to the second "loading rec definition…" appears.

More information

Install a customized Login box.