Step 4. Set a CIMPLICITY Global Parameter on both the Server and Viewer

  1. Click the Windows Start button.

  2. Select Programs.

  3. Select Command Prompt.

A DOS window opens.

  1. Change to the CIMPLICITY Data directory:



  1. At the command prompt:

Type Idtpop glb_parms.

Press Enter.

A message similar to the following "loading rec definitions…" appears.

  1. Type Notepad glb_parms.idt.

  2. Press Enter.

Windows Notepad opens displaying the glb_parms.idt file.

  1. Type:


  1. Exit Notepad.

The DOS window appears with the cursor at the data prompt.

  1. Type scpop glb_parms.

  2. Press Enter.

A message similar to the second "loading rec definition…" appears.

  1. Type Exit.

The DOS window closes.

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