Step 4. Log Back into a Project through the Login Panel

  1. Select a user in the Login Panel that has a Logged in status.

  2. Do one of the following.


Click the Log in button on the Login Panel toolbar.


Select Project>Login on the Login Panel menu bar.

A CIMPLICITY Login dialog box opens.

  1. Enter your user ID and password for logging into the project.

Result: CIMPLICITY software logs you back into the project. The status changes to Logged in.

All runtime applications to which you have been logged in that are still open will resume updating data. All CimView screens connected to this project will now have their animation objects enabled.


The screen itself may change if visibility animation has been enabled for objects and keyed to User ID and Role ID information.

If the user ID is a saved login, the Save user ID + Password box will be checked when the CIMPLICITY┬«  Login dialog box opens.

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