Option 3.4. Print the Status Log File

  1. Click Log on the status log viewer menu bar.

  2. Select Print...

The Print dialog box opens.

  1. The options are as follows.




Displays the name of the currently selected printer. You can click the drop-down list button to the right of the input field and select from the list of available printers.

Print Range

Select All to print all Status Log messages, or select Pages and enter a page range to print selected pages.

Note: If you applied a Filter to the Status Log display, only the displayed messages will print.


Enter the number of copies you want printed in this input field.

Print to file

Set this check box if you want to save the printout in a file in addition to printing.


Opens dialog box to display and change your printer properties.


Prints the log.


Cancels print


The header line on each page of the printout shows the computer name, the full path name for the Status Log file and a page number.

You can select the default Status Log printer by selecting Log>Print Setup... from the Log File Viewer menu bar.

More information

Step 3. Work in the status log viewer.