Step 2.7. Create CIMPLICITY Device Points to Access Machine Edition Variables

Important: The CIMPLICITY point definition must match the Machine Edition variable definition for the point to access variable data.

Create a point.

Configure the General tab.

Configure the Device tab.

Complete point configuration.

  1. Create a point.

  1. Double-click Points in the Workbench left pane.

A New Point dialog box opens.

  1. Enter and select the following.



Point ID

Name of the CIMPLICITY point that will access a selected Machine Edition variable's values. The name does not have be the same as the Machine Edition variable name, but it can be.



Device created to communicated with the Machine Edition project.


Must correspond to  the selected Machine Edition variable.

  1. Click OK.

Result: The Point Properties - <Point name> dialog box opens.

  1. Configure the General tab

  1. Select the General tab.

  2. Make sure the following is entered/selected.




(Optional) Point identification.

Data type

Machine Edition variable data type defined as a CIMPLICITY data types.


Same number of elements as the Machine Edition variable.

If the point is an array

Read only


If the Machine Edition variable cannot be set.



If the Machine Edition variable can be set.

Enable point


Enable the point.

Resource ID

Resource configured for Machine Edition variables.

  1. Configure the Device tab

  1. Select the Device tab.

  2. Make sure the following is entered/selected.



Device ID

Device created to communicate with the Machine Edition project.


Machine Edition variable name.

Any Machine Edition variable that corresponds to the point definition can be entered, including an array element.


Two CIMPLICITY points cannot be configured to access the same Machine Edition variable.

POINT_BRIDGE checks for duplicate address names. If two points use the exact same names in the Address field, only the first point will be validated. A duplicate name log will be entered in the status log for the second point.


A CIMPLICITY point, CSin1, is configured to access a Machine Edition variable, Sine1.

A second CIMPLICITY point, e.g. CSin1_2 cannot access data from the same variable, Sine1.

Two or more CIMPLICITY points can be configured to access different elements in an array variable, including the array variable itself.

POINT_BRIDGE views points that access different elements in an array as non-duplicate points. Each of the array element points will be validated.

Creating different CIMPLICITY points for elements is more efficient than creating a single point for the array variable


A CIMPLICITY point, MARRAYDINT[2], is configured to access element 2 in a Machine Edition variable, ARRAYDINT.

Another CIMPLICITY point MARRAYDINT[3] can also access element 3 in the same Machine Edition variable, ARRAYDINT.

Caution: When a CIMPLICITY point that accesses a Machine Edition array element is updated, values for every element in the array are transmitted back to Machine Edition. As a result, in some rare instances old array element values from CIMPLICITY may overwrite new array element values in Machine Edition.


A CIMPLICITY point, CARRAY2, is configured to access  a Machine Edition array element, MARRAY[2].

The Machine Edition array element, MARRAY[5] has changed from 9 to 11. However, this change has not been transmitted to CIMPLICITY; CIMPLICITY still has the old Machine Edition array element values.

A CIMPLICITY user sets the CIMPLICITY point CARRAY2 value from 6 to 10.

Values for every element in MARRAY are transmitted from CIMPLICITY back to Machine Edition when the CIMPLICITY point is set; this includes the old MARRAY[5] value, 9.

The old MARRAY[5], 9, from CIMPLICITY overwrites Machine Edition's new value, 11.

  1. Complete point configuration

  1. Click OK.

  2. Repeat this step to create all required points.

Result: The configured points will now report Machine Edition variable data. Read/write points can be used to set values in the Machine Edition project.

More information

Machine Edition variable data types defined as CIMPLICITY point data types.

Step 2. (Optional) Configure CIMPLICITY points to access Machine Edition variables.