Important Details when Using Remote Ports

If you are using remote ports, you need to be aware of the following:

Message Formatting

Before sending the message to the remote project, the local marquee resident process formats the message as if it were going to display it on a marquee controlled by the local project. When the message arrives at the remote project, it will be formatted subject to the settings of the remote device.

Therefore, it is recommended that you do not define any Headers, Footers, or Message Attributes for the local Marquee Type and Device associated with this port.

The remote device will take care of formatting the message to be displayed.

Determining Duration Time

The remote device determines how quickly the message you send is displayed.

For example, the duration time of the local device is 1 second, and the duration time of the remote device is 5 seconds. The local CIMPLICITY project sends the message to the remote CIMPLICITY project once a second. However, the remote project actually displays the message on the marquee every 5 seconds.

Duplicate Message ID's

The locally configured Marquee Message ID is used as a message key when sending the message to the remote project. If the remote project already has a message configured with an identical Message ID, then the local message will not be displayed on the remote project, and a warning message will be displayed in the Status Log.

Message Length

The actual marquee message that is sent from the local project to the remote project is limited to 80 characters. If the message is longer than 80 characters, the message will be truncated and a warning message will be displayed in the Status Log.

Clearing Messages on Project Shutdown

If you shut down your local CIMPLICITY project before clearing the marquee messages that have been sent to the remote CIMPLICITY project, the messages remain in the queue of the remote CIMPLICITY project.

Network Traffic

Routing messages between projects increases network traffic between the projects.

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