2. Import Configuration Data from a comma Separated File

  1. Do one of the following.

Delete all existing marquee message configuration data, and replace it with the configuration specified in the import file.

Keep the existing marquee message configuration intact and update or add definitions as needed.

For each message contained in the import file, if the marquee message ID matches an existing marquee message ID, then the definition in the import file supercedes the previous definition. If the marquee message ID does not match an existing marquee message ID, it is added to the system as a new record

  1. In your project's CIMPLICITY Workbench, select the Command prompt… option on the Tools menu.

  2. When the command prompt window appears, enter the following:

cd master

To delete all existing configuration, and replace it with the contents of the import file, enter:

mqimport.exe <filename>

To supercede any existing configuration, and append any new configuration to the system, enter:

mqimport.exe –r <filename>

Where <filename> is the name of the file from which Marquee message data should be read.

More information

Import/export of Marquee messages.