3. Format of the Comma-Separated File

The comma-separated data file used by these utilities is a CIMPLICITY IDT-formatted file. The format of this file is as follows:

  1. The first line must contain only 3 characters.

The first character must be a comma (,) and is used to indicate the field separator.

The second character must be a dash (-) and is used to indicate the continuation character.

The third character must be an asterisk (*) and is used to indicate the comment character.

  1. Each additional line in the file must be in the following format:

Field 1 is the Marquee Message ID.

Field 2 is the Marquee Alarm ID.

Field 3 is the Marquee Alarm state for this message, and should be set to one of GEN, RES, or CON.

Field 4 is the Marquee message.

Field 5 is the Marquee message header.

Field 6 is the Marquee message footer.

Field 7 is the Marquee message attributes, which indicate which attributes are selected for this message. This data is encoded in an integer.

Field 8 is the Marquee message disabled state. A value of 0 indicates that the message is enabled, while a value of 1 indicates that the message is disabled.

Field 9 contains Additional Point 1.

Field 10 contains Additional Point 2.

Field 11 contains Additional Point 3.

Field 12 contains Additional Point 4.

Field 13 contains Additional Point 5.

Field 14 contains Additional Point 6.

Field 15 contains Additional Point 7.

Field 16 contains Additional Point 8.

You may specify up to 180 optional additional fields, where each field is the name of a valid Marquee Device or Device Group to which this message should be routed.

An example of a comma-separated file containing Marquee message data is displayed below:



MESSAGE1,,CON,This is a continuous message.,,,0,0,POINT1,POINT2,,,,,,,GROUP_A

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