3.4. Additional Points

Use the Additional Points tab of the Message Properties dialog box to define up to 8 additional CIMPLICITY points whose values can be displayed in this message:

You can use tokens %V1 through %V8 to display the values of these additional points in the Message field on the General property page. For example, to display the value of Point ID 5, enter the token %V5 in the Message field.

Additional points may have the following properties:

They may be local, remote, or enterprise points.

They may be Analog, Boolean, or Text points.

They may be array points. For points of type Analog or Boolean, only the first element of the array will be displayed. For points of type Text, only the first 20 characters of the text point will be displayed.

If the value of an additional point is not currently available within CIMPLICITY software, it will be displayed on the marquee as three asterisks (***).

More information

3. Add a Marquee message.