Modbus RTU Slave Getting Started Steps

The CIMPLICITY Modbus RTU Slave Interface provides a way to access CIMPLICITY points as Modbus coils and/or registers from Modbus master devices. This section guides a user through the steps to become familiar with the Modbus RTU Slave Interface application and to start using the application quickly.

The following getting started guide assumes that the Modbus RTU Slave Interface has been successfully installed and that at least one CIMPLICITY project has been created.

Steps include:

Step 1

Identify CIMPLICITY Points.

Step 2

Map points to Modbus data addresses.

Step 3

Select the Modbus RTU Slave option.

Step 4

Start the CIMPLICITY project.

Step 5

Start the Modbus Master.

Step 6

Validate communications.

More information

About Modbus RTU Slave Communications.