Register Mapping Records

The configuration file must contain one or more Register Mapping records. In each Register Mapping record, all fields must be present.

The format for the Register Mapping record is:

RM,<slave>,<register>,<point id>



Identifies the record as a register mapping record.


The emulated slave device address. Valid range of values: 1 to 127.


One-based Modbus address including the memory type prefix. See the following table for valid range of values:



Memory Type

Address range


0x - Coils (Discrete)

1 to 9999


1x - Inputs (Discrete)

10001 to 19999


3x - Input Registers (Analog)

30001 to 39999


4x - Holding Registers (Analog)

40001 to 49999


<point id>

String that uniquely references a point in a CIMPLICITY project. Must specify a non text attribute (i.e. analog or Boolean).

More information

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