Step 1.2.1. Entering Model Information

Important: Each device included in the project that will be using the alternate configuration must have a STAT_PLC model.

If the STAT_PLC model is not selectable from the device configuration screen, it can be added to the CIMPLICITY configuration by editing the IC646TME000.MODEL configuration file located in the BSM_DATA subdirectory of the original CIMPLICITY distribution.

Add the following line to the file using a text editor.


For existing projects, these additional steps define a process for adding the model:

  1. Set default directory to the master sub-directory of the project.

Idtpop model

  1. Using the text editor, add the following line to the file:


  1. Save and exit from the text editor.

Scpop model

  1. Update the project.

More information

Option 1.2. Set up  Advanced Modbus TCP/IP Configurations.