Step Create the Generic PLC Model

The device communication interface will read the .ini parameters regardless of the configured device model. 

Important: It is strongly recommended that entries in the .ini file be restricted to devices with a model type of STAT_PLC or Generic PLC.

Refer to the product documentation for instructions for creating the STAT_PLC model.

Create the Generic PLC model to use in a project using the Modbus Ethernet protocol

  1.  Click Tools>Command Prompt on the Workbench menu bar.

  2. Type cd master in the Command Prompt window and press Enter.

  3.  Type idtpop model and press Enter.

  4. Open model.idt in a text editor.

For example, type notepad model.idt and press Enter.

  1. Add the following line:

MB_TCPIP|Generic PLC|180

  1. Save model.idt and close the text editor.

  2. Type scpop model at the command prompt and press Enter.

  3. Close the Command Prompt window.

  4. Perform a configuration update in the project's Workbench.

Note: The STAT_PLC model sizing is different from the Generic PLC model if you do one of the following.

Define the parameter UseTheseDomainSizes to be 0.

Do not specify all of the domains.

Default Sizes

If STAT_PLC sizes are not defined in the INI file the defaults are:

Max Coils


Max Input Status


Max Input Regs


Max Holding Regs


All other memory types have a size of 0.

If Generic PLC and other device models sizes are not defined in the INI file the defaults are determined by searching the memory in the PLC for the end points.

More information

Step 1.2.3. Step 1.2.3. Edit .INI Files.