Supported Modbus TCP/IP Devices

The CIMPLICITY Modbus TCP/IP communications software includes support for the following devices through standard configuration.

Modicon 184/384

Modicon 484

Modicon 584

Modicon 984

GE Fanuc VersaMax ENIU

GE Fanuc VersaPoint ENIU


STAT_PLC (This is a special device model used to designate a generic device.)

Communication is also supported via the Modicon COBOX Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU Bridge (TSX Momentum 174-CEV-300-10) or Modicon Modbus Plus to Modbus Ethernet (TSX Momentum 174-CEV-200 30)  for Modicon 184/384, Modicon 484, Modicon 584, and Modicon 984.

Both solicited and unsolicited data collection is supported. We recommend limiting unsolicited data collection to one CIMPLICITY port to ensure reliable data collection.

Note: Unsolicited communication is received on TCP/IP socket port 502.

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