VersaPoint Memory Map

The VersaPoint memory map is as follows.





















Writable Memory:

Start Address

End Address








Array writes for points mapped in the range of 00001-03072 are not supported. 

The same I/O may be addressed via 40385-40768

To clear the fault table, a value of 0 (zero) may be written to 41025.

Attempts to write any value other than 0 (zero) are not supported.


If I/O is being controlled via CIMPLICITY , the following is very important:

It is recommended that the I/O should be configured to HOLD LAST STATE as I/O values are only written when the application executes the write operation through a setpoint. 

If the VersaMax ENIU or VersaPoint ENIU looses power, the outputs values will revert to zero. It is essential that any application that is controlling I/O have a scheme for detecting that the outputs have reverted to zero from prior set values. If the I/O is not configured to HOLD LAST STATE, there are other conditions where the output values will revert to zero. 

In host redundant environments, please note the CIMPLICITY’s default setting for devices with a model type of VersaMax ENIU to support only one connection. When left in this configuration, the device communication will terminate the connection to the device when transitioning from the secondary to the primary – leaving no connection between the secondary and the primary host. The status of the communications will not indicate a device communication failure since the interface is not designed to maintain an active connection on the secondary.

On the VersaMax ENIU’s, only one connection is permitted. If another application is using the connection, the CIMPLICITY device communication interface will not be able to form a connection.

In host redundant environments, for the devices with a model type of VersaPoint ENIU, the connection is broken and re-made when the host states transition between primary and secondary hosts.

The VersaPoint ENIU’s display may indicate a code of nF if the connected client doesn’t respond within the time interval defined by the Process Data Watchdog timeout.  In an application, there are many factors that control the frequency with which the device communicates interface with a specific device including configuration. As a result, the device communication interface may not always maintain an active conversation within the interval dictated by the Process Data Watchdog Timer. 

The Process Data Watchdog Timer can be set to 0 to disable the monitoring.  Each application must be evaluated carefully to determine the ramifications of this action. If the Process Data Watchdog Timer is set to 0, the ENIU will not immediately detect the loss of a connection.

Regardless of the setting of the Process Data Watchdog Timer, for device’s with a model type of VersaPoint ENIU, the CIMPLICITY device communication interface will define a device down condition as one where the interface cannot establish and communicate with the VersaPoint ENIU.  As a result, there may be time periods where there is not an active connection to the VersaPoint ENIU, but also not a device down condition.

Refer to the VersaMax ENIU (GFK 1860) and VersaPoint ENIU (GFK 2087) User Manuals for more complete information about the VersaPoint and VersaMax ENIU capabilities.

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