Mitsubishi A-Series Serial Point Configuration

Once your devices are configured, you may configure points for them. Through device point configuration, you may configure the following:

Points that read or set discretes and/or bits in bit type memory (device) areas

Points to read or set word in word type memory (device) areas

Points to read Timer/Counter Coils and Contacts

Points to read or set Timer and Counter Present Values

The fields described below have configuration values that are unique to, or have special meaning for Mitsubishi A-Series Serial communications.


The type of access depends on the point address.


Enter READ for points configured for Inputs.


Enter READ or WRITE for all other points if you wish to be able to set (change) the value.

Update Criteria

The update criteria determines how the data will be requested.


Enter On Change or On Scan for points whose values should be polled by the Mitsubishi A-Series Serial communications at regular intervals.

Enter On Demand On Scan or On Demand On Change for points whose value should be polled by the Mitsubishi A-Series Serial communications at regular intervals while users are viewing them.


Enter the point address of the data. Point addresses are device-dependent. See the Address Formats section below for more information

When you configure DIGITAL points from non-discrete memory (such as D, Data Registers), you must also enter data in the following field:

Bit Offset

Enter the bit offset in the 16-bit memory word that defines the point where 0 is the least significant bit and 15 is the most significant bit.


Warning: Do not enter a data Bit Offset for Point Type BOOL for Bit type devices such as Input (X), Output (Y), Internal Relay (M), Timer Contact, Timer Coil, etc. Leave the field as the default 0.

More information

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