Supported Computer Link Modules

The following Computer Link modules can be used with the given programmable controller models:

AnA and AnN Series via AJ71C24-S8 (RS-232 and RS-422), AJ71UC24 or equivalent

A1S Series via A1SJ71C24-R2 (RS-232) or A1SJ71C24-R4 (RS-422) or equivalent

A2CCPUC24 and A2CCPUC24-PRF via internal computer link modules supporting both RS-232 and RS-422

The choice of modules should be based on your Mitsubishi programmable controller models and system requirements (multi-drop or single, point to point). Please consult Mitsubishi documentation on the features and uses of each of the listed interface modules.

If the Mitsubishi programmable controllers are to be connected via RS-422 then you may need an RS-232 to RS-422 converter or RS-422 cards for your computer. It is recommended that you contact Mitsubishi to determine the best converter for your configuration.

More information

Mitsubishi hardware configuration requirements.