Supported Mitsubishi A-Series Memory (Device) Areas

The Mitsubishi programmable controllers contain multiple data areas that consist of channels of 16-bit data, discrete bit data, and completion bit data (timers and counters). In Mitsubishi terminology, these areas are referred to as device areas and the points within as devices. Device types include discrete I/O, Relays, Contacts, Coils and Registers. The type of areas and number of devices depends on the Mitsubishi programmable controller model. The amount of data read and returned to CIMPLICITY software is determined by the Point Type configured for the device type you select.

All communication commands are implemented as master/slave communications where the CIMPLICITY Mitsubishi A-Series Serial Communications enabler acts as the master responsible for requesting data from or writing data to Mitsubishi programmable controller(s). Unsolicited data sent from Mitsubishi programmable controllers is not supported.

The memory areas supported by the CIMPLICITY Mitsubishi A-Series Serial Communications enabler are:

Bit Device Area

Word Device Area

Input X

Timer (present value) T

Output Y

Counter (present value) C

Internal Relay M

Data Register D

Latch Relay L

Link Register W

Step Relay S

File Register R

Link Relay B

Special Register D

Annunciator F

Buffer Memory

Special Relay M


Timer Contact TS


Time Coil TC


Counter Contact CS


Counter Coil CC


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