Bind for port failed

If you have not properly configured the socket port number within your CIMPLICITY application with that configured on the PLC, you will get the following error message:

Bind() for <hostname> port <port number> failed ­ REFUSED

You may also get this message at startup if another application is using your port or the socket has not cleared from a previous use. You may also get this message if your CIMPLICITY configuration for the device is inconsistent between your computer and the programmable controller.

To determine if the socket is in use, type the following command:


and look for the line showing your configured <Host name>:<Port number> combination under the "Foreign Address". If the last column says "TIME_WAIT", this means that the connection was previously in use and is in the process of cleaning up. No further action is needed.

If the last column says "ESTABLISHED", this means that the socket port is in use. Check to make sure that you do have a connection (you can usually tell by examining the leds on your programmable controller's Ethernet card). If you do not have a connection, contact your system administrator for assistance in locating the application using the port.

If the command yields no information, this usually indicates that the IP address or socket port number configured on the computer does not match the configuration in the programmable controller. Review the configuration on both the computer and programmable controller and correct the mismatch.

More information

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