Once Mitsubishi TCP/IP communications initiates a request to a device, it waits 100 milliseconds for the connection to be established. If the connection is not established at the end of this time interval, the connect request times out.

To change this connect request interval:

For all devices on a given port:

Add the following record to the log_names.cfg file.


For all devices in a selected project:

Add the following record to the log_names.cfg file.



<milliseconds> is the number of milliseconds to wait for a connection to be established. between poll checks.


If the value is too small, the Mitsubishi TCP/IP communications will fail to establish a connection to the device.

A larger value will tend to impact the performance of Mitsubishi TCP/IP communications in a way directly proportional to the number of down devices and the frequency of retries.

The port defined logical has precedence over the project-wide logical.

More information

Change timing and performance characteristics.