Mitsubishi TCP/IP Related Documents

You should have the following documentation available when configuring this interface:

Mitsubishi Melsec Programmable Controller ­ A User's Manual ­ Ethernet Interface Module type AJ71E71 with a Revision of July, 1993 or later.

The Mitsubishi User's Guide for your model of programmable controller.

In addition, the following Mitsubishi manual are recommended:

ACPU Programming Manual (Fundamentals)­IB(NA)?66249

ACPU Programming Manual (Common Instructions)­IB(NA)?66250

The following application note is recommended:

Developer's Guide For Mitsubishi Ethernet Module Using the AJ71E71 by Albert G. Baier.

To obtain a copy of this application note, please contact your Mitsubishi distributor and request that they obtain this document for you from Mitsubishi Electronics America, Industrial Automation Division

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