Mitsubishi TCP/IP Supported Devices

The Mitsubishi TCP/IP communications enabler supports the following devices:

Mitsubishi Melsec-A0J2H

Mitsubishi Melsec-A2N_S1

Mitsubishi Melsec-A1

Mitsubishi Melsec-A2S

Mitsubishi Melsec-A1N

Mitsubishi Melsec-A2S_S1

Mitsubishi Melsec-A1S

Mitsubishi Melsec-A2U

Mitsubishi Melsec-A1SJ

Mitsubishi Melsec-A2U_S1

Mitsubishi Melsec-A1S_S1

Mitsubishi Melsec-A3

Mitsubishi Melsec-A2

Mitsubishi Melsec-A3A

Mitsubishi Melsec-A2_S1

Mitsubishi Melsec-A3AU

Mitsubishi Melsec-A2A

Mitsubishi Melsec-A3M

Mitsubishi Melsec-A2A_S1

Mitsubishi Melsec-A3N

Mitsubishi Melsec-A2AS

Mitsubishi Melsec-A3U

Mitsubishi Melsec-A2AS_S1

Mitsubishi Melsec-A3X

Mitsubishi Melsec-A2C

Mitsubishi Melsec-A4U

Mitsubishi Melsec-A2N


An Ethernet Interface Module type AJ71E71 or A1SJ71E71-B2 must be installed in the programmable controller.

Communications to these devices is only available when the devices are in RUN mode.