Note on Addressing Formats

For Link Register, Input, Output, Link Relay, Annunciator, and Random Access addresses you can also use the following format to define the address in decimal format rather than hexadecimal format:


Unsolicited addresses can also be specified in a decimal format. Decimal unsolicited addresses are referenced with a UD followed by a decimal offset of 5 digits including leading zeros. For example, UD00800 is a valid address, while UD800 is not. The valid range for the offset is 00000-32767. For example, UD32767 is a valid address, while UD32768 is not.

The Mitsubishi TCP/IP Communications enabler allows access to Extension File Register data. Previously, for File Register data, the File Register Command was employed. The enhanced enabler now uses the Extension File Register command that provides access to both File Register data and Extension File Register data. The format used for configuring File Register/Extension File Register points remains the same: Rx, where x = address offset.

More information

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